Massages in Prague

Relaxing massage – Breuss massage

Massage – one of the best gentle relaxing and energizing. It supplements effectively the Dorn’s method. Massage is perfect for relaxation and prevention of backbone problems. Breuss massage works pointedly on a backbone, its erectors and surface muscles. Therefore moved vertebras of chest and loin are painlessly set to their correct position. Discs after the massage regenerate optimally and gain energy – followed by feeling of stretched and neated backbone. We use St John’s wort oil which relaxes muscles intensively and speeds up regeneration of intervertebral discs.

Regeneration massage

Intended for regeneration of tired and flaccid muscles – clears away tiredness and soreness after exertion and exhaustion.
Massage effect:

  • regeneration of power, rejuvenation after physical and psychical fatigue
  • creates relaxed feelings


Hot Stones massage - Prague

Any medicinal massage induces such feelings as hot stones massage. The warmth of lava stones affects energetic lines in your body, cheers mind and immediately relaxes numb muscles. Massage performed by special technique and healing oils induces intensive feeling of deep calm and relaxation.

Massage effect:

  • stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • deeply relaxes and harmonizes
  • warms up the whole body
  • detoxifies organism
  • balances body energy

Face Lifting

Lifting - smoothening facial massage. New method of visage smoothening with immediate effect. It replaces lifting as surgery where stretching of skin is performed. Manual version of the therapy is more and more popular in the world.
Lifting – smoothening facial massage is popular for its immediately noticeable effect. It is focused on face mimic muscles with deep and detoxifying effect. It reduces cause for wrinkles emergence and contributes to better tegument and muscles aliment.
From the expression you can immediately tell the psychical state. Overburdened individuals have exhausted and tired expression. Lifting – smoothening facial massage can clear the tired expression away. Massage affects directly all the nerve endings in the face, which are more frequent than in other body areas. It can not only brilliantly stretch the tegument but to induce the feeling of well-being and harmony, which immediately results in higher self-confidence and contentment. Reflexive effect is noticeable and contributes of 80% to the overall remedy of psychic by this method.

Lifting massage prevents complexion from ageing, emerging of wrinkles, supports regeneration, increases tegument flexibility, has positive effect on psychic and radically decreases face tension.

Anti Fatigue Foot Massage

Massage focused on tired and achy legs.
Intensive though considerate relaxation of the whole lower extremities including soles will certainly contribute to your overall well-being.

Manual lymph drain

Special manual massage technique which was introduced in our country by MUDr. Bechyně. Manual lymph drain supports and strengthens absorbing and transport function of lymphatic system. Special massage performed as precise round or spiral movements which conduct lymph to nodes.
Manual lymph drains effect:
Medicinal - elimination of swellings after surgery, injuries, germ illnesses, iatrogenic damages, prevention of vein inadequacy or headaches, detoxication of organism – conducting of toxins from the body, regeneration and rise of organism immunity and of its metabolism.
Cosmetic – elimination or stopping of cellulite or lipedem process, strengthening of subcutis, slowing of complexion ageing.

Manual lymph drain in sport

Manual lymph drains proved effective in support of regeneration and treating of injuries. They noticeably shorten sportsman’s interruption of training or playing schedule.

Mechanical lymph drainmasáže lymfatické

Lymph drain device Lymfoven – 12 inflatable chamber slips for arms / legs and adjacent areas of chest and belly in which the region of overpressure rotate. A wave which clears away swelling and feeling of heaviness in limbs is therefore created. Force of pressure and massage procedure can be programmed.
It is used for:

  • cosmetic massage focused on improvement of cellulite
  • recondition massage focused on lymphatic passages
  • massages for improvement of appearance, shaping up and forming the body
  • massage focused on skin elasticity increase
elimination of heavy-limbs feeling and recondition of overexerted lower extremities



Classic massage

Classic massage effect supports return of blood and lymph from outskirts to circulation centre.
Massage effect:

  • We will relax tensed muscles and release stiff articulations,
  • quieten nerves and relax the body
  • improves blood circulation
  • accelerates lymphatic system which absorbs and discharges waste matter.

Reflex massage

Special medicinal massage affects mechanically hyperalgetic areas. By affecting these areas we cause reflexively, indirectly to relevant internal organs, muscles, bones and articulations by means of special grasp technique. We focus on achy back, where pointed massage touches can apply best.
Reflex massage preserves optimal health and encourages relief.
Effect of this medicinal massage:

  • functional, degenerative and chronic complaints of back, backbone and articulations
  • back aches
  • functional and chronic illness of internal organs
  • malfunction of blood circulation promotion
  • after-injury and after-surgery condition
  • vegetative dysfunction

Facial chiromassage

Massage of facial and hair area of head connected with muscle regeneration and articulation blockades of cervical backbone releasing techniques which particularly women favour and seek.
Massage effect:

  • releases tension in the area of nape, shoulders, décolletage, neck, face and hair area of head
  • warms up lymph circulation

Facial lymph drain

It affects above all the lymphatic and vascular system of the face. It results in clean and healthy complexion and relaxed face without swelling.
Massage effect:

  • improvement of hydration, cell aliment and aeration of tegument
  • acceleration of tissue metabolism
  • reduction of subdermal fat
    improved depletion of toxins and normalization of seborrhoea

Breuss massage - 850 Kč
Regeneration massage 40min. 450 Kč
Facial chiromassage 25min. 250 Kč
Facial chiromassage - Cannaderm cosmetics 25min. 400 Kč
Facial Lymph Drain - Manual 25min. 250 Kč
Chest and arms Lymph Drain - Manual 15min. 150 Kč
Hot stones: complete and partial    600 Kč
Face Lifting 60min. 600 Kč
Anti Fatigue Foot Massage 60min. 400 Kč
Arm Massage - Cannaderm cosmetics 35min. 200 Kč