Pilates - fitness system

Pilates - Studio VandaPilates system as one of the most effective wellness programms, which have ever turned up. Pilates outweighs many. Pilates exercises are both effective and pleasant training for everybody.

Pilates system
differs by intensive participation of both physical and mental efforts. It comes out in a result not only of a body appearance, but psychical condition as well – calmed and cheerful mind.

Founder of this method Joseph Pilates prognosticated: “After 10 lessons you will feel the difference. After 20 you will see the difference. After 30 lessons you will have new body of yours.”


To give you an idea how to exercise basic Pilates positions Vanda prepared series of basic positions. Nobody is perfect - see mistakes after several years of training ..

Pilates - "Circles"


Pilates - "Hundred"


Pilates - "Rollin' - starting phase" (see the mistake in foot position)


Pilates - "Rollin' - Phase II" (the same mistake ..)


Pilates - "Rollin' - Phase III" (mistake in foot position)


Pilates - "Rollin' - Phase IV" (the same mistake ..)


Pilates - "Basic postion"


Pilates - "V Legs" (if perfect,then hands and legs are straight)



Pilates - Studio VandaThis exercise shapes up your body. Some of theem decomposes of fat – aerobic activities, other shape up muscles – in a fitness using machines or dumbbells or in a gym by other types of shaping up, e.g. calanetics. Stretching will ease your muscles and enlarge articular agility; with yoga you will gain inner countenance.

Nothing of the aforesaid all by itself is enough for shaping a perfect body with inner harmony. If you want to gain maximum, there are two possibilities. First – you will follow all these mentioned activities each of them at least twice a week OR – and that is more passable in all respects – you will exercise according to Pilates, which comprises all these mentioned results in its every motion. You master your body and your is the choice.

Pilates / Pilates exercises affect:

  • flexibility, might and endurance
  • balance
  • coordination
  • respiration
  • weight
Pilates exercising and Ms Mojžíšová’s method as well as other activities in Vanda Studio are based on an individual manner. Everyone is to be treated individually by an instructor therefore everyone is to get to know the exercises better and reveal their „mystique“. By repeating Pilates exercising (concentrated and with focused attention) you will improve accomplishment of the exercises and advance necessary skills, develop abilities of your body and mind.

Pilates cviky - Vanda

Mrs Moj�íšová’s exercising

Exercising intended for correction or rehabilitation of poor posture, which emerges as a result of long-lasting staying in one position (sedentary work) and lack of motions throughout a day and for back-aches prevention and diminish of articular capsules abrasion. Mrs. Mojžíšová’s exercises is focused on strengthening of muscles of belly, gluteus and pelvis bottom. These categories of muscles provide correct erection of pelvis. Ms Mojžíšová’s exercises deals not only with widely spread phenomenon of “back-aches” but with alternative treatment of men and women sterility by application of this through-the-years-proven exercise composition as well. The exercising compounds simplicity of exercises, time and space undemandingness and high effectiveness.

  • improves election of pelvis
  • moderates pain in backbone – even ages-lasting (prolapsed laminae, Bechtierev’s illness, backbone outgrows and scoliotic body election)
  • resolves problems with painful or omitting menses
  • helps with difficulties of impregnation or repeated abortions
  • helps with utricle problems
  • retrieves difficulties of small or immature uterus (inverse uterus as well)
  • relief at hip arthritis
  • resolves pain of external genitals, pain during coitus
  • improves impassibility of oviducts
  • raises results of spermiogram
  • when gentle handled it is also advisable throughout pregnancy – eases childbearing and influences its quick and successful course

Pilates or Pilates exercises combination and Ms Mojžíšová's exercises are two effective steps in which you on your own will be able to improve your life.


1 session � 50 minutes 50min. 400 CZK



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