New - Life B.E.A.M.

New Life - Body Shaping device

New - Life device unbeatably exercises and forms problematic areas of body. It stimulates muscle insertions by means of impulses and arouses intensive tractions of selected muscle area. Women prefer forming of belly area, slimming of thighs, breast shaping and smoothing of wrinkles. Men prefer shaping of shoulder girdle (See New Life in Zdraví-Health insert of Hospodářské noviny).

New Life fulfils needs of clients with crowded schedule, who cannot form their body in a gym in a long-lasting process. Just one session can make a change of 2 cm in waistline, because it awakens the body’s ability to dispose of fat by physical effort.

New Life supplements ideally Ultracontour and lymphdrains at reaching synergic effects in body forming – so called Body Contouring. Accompanied by exercises it can do “miracles” at a fair price:

New Life: BEFORE and AFTER ... 3 weeks - 7 sessions


New Life - body shaping

New Life in a unique way masters combination, synchronizing and setting of impulse force for the problematic area, increases blood circulation and accelerates metabolism precisely according to the clients needs.

New - Life treatment is truly noticeably more intensive than working out at a fitness gym* and with much rapidly noticeable results and much less effort spent.

New - Life - treatment

New-Life treatment:

  • Waistline reduction, figure forming and forming of individual areas
  • Facelifting and complexion rejuvenation
  • Acne deterge
  • Virtual mezotherapy
  • Breasts and buttocks forming
  • Acupuncture massage
  • Lymph drain
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New Life

1.1 Lifting a face shaping
1.2 Lifting a eyes area shaping
1.3 Lifting a breasts shaping
1.4 Lifting of gluteus
1.5 Shaping of hands and arms
1.6 Nutrition optimization
1.7 Treatment on sensitive skin
1.8 Fading of pigmentations
1.9 Scar metabolism
1.10 Belly lifting

2.1 Reflex electromassage of legs
2.2 Reflex electromassage of arms
2.3 Reflex electromassage of ears
2.4 Individual local electromassage
2.5 Local massage by electro-glove
2.6 Wholebody massage by el-glove
2.7 Electro-glove for face and neck
2.8 Electro-glove for breasts, arms
2.9 El-gloves for waist, belly and legs
2.10 Electro-gloves for ears and face


Face and neck wrinkles reduction
3.2 Hair protection and revitalization
3.3 Mental depression
3.4 Painful menses
3.5 Irregular menses
3.6 Cervical spondilopathy
3.7 Sciation point massage
3.8 Lumbago point massage
3.9 Chronic gastroenteritis
3.10 Individual point massage


4.1 Wholebody lymph drain
4.2 Lymph drain of face, neck and breasts
4.3 Lymph drain of breasts and diaphragm
4.4 Lymph drain of belly and legs
4.5 Belly, gluteus and thighs
4.6 Simple acupuncture at obesity
4.7 Sciatica electro acupuncture
4.8 Lumbago electro acupuncture
4.9 Individual electro acupuncture
4.10 Individual lymph drain Self


5.1 Sliming of breasts, waist and belly
5.2 Sliming of arms, chest and belly
5.3 Sliming of breasts, waist and thighs
5.4 Sliming of waist, belly and thighs
5.5 Sliming of back, waist and gluteus
5.6 Tonus of the whole body - front
5.7 Tonus of waist and front thighs
5.8 Nape, shoulders and back relaxation
5.9 Tonus – gluteus


6.1 Wholebody lymph drain
6.2 Lymph drain of face, neck and breasts
6.3 Lymph drain of breasts, arms and diaphragm
6.4 Lymph drain of belly and legs
6.5 Belly, gluteus and thighs
6.6 Simple acupuncture at obesity
6.7 Sciatica electro acupuncture
6.8 Lumbago electro acupuncture
6.9 Individual electro acupuncture
6.10 Individual lymph drain


7.1 Face and neck wrinkles reduction
7.2 Hair protection and revitalization
7.3 Mental depression
7.4 Painful menses
7.5 Irregular menses
7.6 Cervical spondilopathy
7.7 Sciation point massage
7.8 Lumbago point massage
7.9 Flatus a chronic gastroenteritis
7.10 Individual point massage


8.1 Breasts contouring
8.2 Waist and belly contouring
8.3 Gluteus and thighs contouring
8.4 Individual contouring
8.6 Syndrom of cervical vertebras
8.7 Lumbago strong massage
8.8 Isciatic tender tissue
8.9 Reflex electromassage of legs
8.10 Individual strong massage

Session duration 30 to 40 min

1 minute 40,- Kč
30 minutes 800,- Kč
40 minutes 1200,- Kč
2.7 + 5.4 (Electro-gloves for face and neck + waist, belly and thighs slimming) 2000,- Kč

* * ... clarification: exercising of problematic areas by the means of New Life takes part when on your back and the rest of body areas relaxed. Working out at fitness gym, e.g. during sit-ups involves not only belly muscles, but neck, hands, thighs etc. muscles as well. Comparable exercising of body area in a gym uses up more energy which resolves in intensive exhaustion of the body in whole and lack of energy for needed exercising of target body area.